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There is strong world demand for scientists, technologists, and engineers with multi-disciplinary training to confront the need for a healthy environment as the global human ecological footprint expands. Whether you are already part of the expanding world of environmental science or are thinking of steering your career toward this exciting, interdisciplinary field, our program will serve your needs. Our students receive top scientific training and diverse professional development opportunities from internationally recognized faculty in world-class facilites. Our graduates are qualified to pursue careers in industry, higher education, and government agencies. We hope you will consider Iowa State University for your graduate studies in environmental science.

Thomas Isenhart, Program Chair & Director of Graduate Education


Get Involved


The Environmental Science Graduate Organization (ENSCISU) encourages scientific interaction between graduate students and faculty to increase interdepartmental communication and provide a forum for the exchange of scientific information.

Cooperating Departments

Our students major in Environmental Science and receive a Master of Science (MS) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree from one of our eight cooperating departments.